Friday, March 1, 2013

Tax Time!

Holy Crap, It's Spring-like! (Ignore the fall color in the background.)

Don't worry gang, I haven't forgotten about you. I've just been slightly derailed by The Man., who mandates I file a "tax return" EVERY damn year! Back when I was a normal citizen who received tax documents from my employer, I loved doing my taxes. Well, maybe not "loved" exactly, but it was like getting free money! What's not to like? Now that I'm my own boss, it's slightly more complicated, and I've made a bad habit of letting it get down to the wire before I file. Not this year! I started early, and I figure as long as I keep completing between 2 and 5% per day (my current average) I will be done well before April 15th. Of course, that cuts into my precious blogging time. Plus, there hasn't been much of excitement happening lately, so I figured I would just write a quick update and do something more awesome next week. Sound good? Okay, here's what's new at Metropolis.

1) Taxes. See above.

2) New guy! If you haven't already met him, our new employee Kevin started 2 weeks ago. He looks a lot like a Viking, but he's actually very friendly. He has worked at Velo Cult, River City, Coventry Cycles, and a half dozen other shops around the world, so he knows his way around a bike.

3) New Hours! Starting March 3rd, we will be going back to Spring/Summer hours which means we're open 7 days a week at 10 AM! We still close at 7 Monday through Thursday, 6 on Friday, and 5 on the weekends.

4) Brad got a new cell phone! If you have ever been texted a picture by Brad, you will know how exciting this is. As much as I enjoyed getting a tiny, blurry, picture that looked like it was taken underwater, I couldn't tell what the hell it was half the time.

5) February March Fakeout! Holy crap, it's 60 degrees out! Enjoy!

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